Journey into finance – A report from Maya Arnaudova – Pravets, Bulgaria

Journey into finance
17-20 September 2015

The aim of this project was to introduce the results of a workshop held in Romania. Four members of our chapter took part and on their return to Bulgaria, disseminated the information to three schools: Trudovets, Pravets and Botevgrad.

A key objective was to motivate youth to seek other solutions to unemployment, and encourage them to start their own companies. An additional goal, was to demonstrate the positive impact of taking part in International trainings. The topic was very important and the experience also gave our participants a chance to build new partnerships, learning about other cultures and getting to know another countries history, traditions and customs. The participants were youngsters – 12 to 17-year old students that have not yet had the opportunities to visit another country. The results were presented in a video and PowerPoint presentation.

As part of the sharing process we formed discussion groups. Each group introduced their opinion and idea about future enterprises, which was influenced by the school profile. Students from the technical school wished to set up an ICT company, whilst students from the primary and secondary school focused on sweets and flower shops. And, the students from Botevgrad embraced an idea about an Eco center establishment.

Practical results:
– We prepared and submitted documents for the legal establishment of an Eco center, 25kms from Pravets, equipped two training halls, big dining room with kitchen facilities and 9 dormitories with 27 beds.
– Collaboration between the Student and Community chapter proved very effective, bearing in mind the contagious optimism of young people on the adults.

Members/participants – 5 from student chapter + 5 from Community Chapter
Non-members – 72
Volunteer hours – All – 85
Preparation for presentations and handouts – 24
Workshop – 21
Documents for registration preparation – 40
Direct beneficiaries: 82
People affected – 25
Target audience – 82
Indirect beneficiaries – 250
Publicity: DAR foundation, Romania;; Facebook group: Journey into finance

Chapter report from Maya Arnaudova – Pravets, Bulgaria