Who does what, when and how? We do!

These days, it’s often hard to tell exactly who’s responsible for what problem and this is coupled with an uncertainty about the role we play as citizens in making important stuff happen.

The fact is, it doesn’t just ‘happen’ and if we, the citizens, are going to sit around waiting for some magical organization to come along and make everything better, we’ll be sitting around grumbling for a very long time.

Complaints about the state of the streets, public buildings and parks can be seen in their 100s on social media sites. And we can’t realistically expect the communes or even ‘big business’ to solve everything. Experience has taught us that it doesn’t happen quickly enough, well enough…or even at all.

In the case of the communes, there usually isn’t the cash, and as for the private sector, well, many requests to support community charities are simply pushed onto the desks of HR or marketing departments.

But we can do something ourselves. We can get together with friends in supporting our own local groups, work to rally our community and deal with many minor problems, such as rubbish, graffiti and more. As a bonus, we get to know each other too – helping to grow both ourselves and our community spirit.

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