what does the European chair do these days?

The voluntary role of the PTPI European regional chair, looks quite different these days.  Now that there is no longer an operational office in Berlin, Germany, the European executive committee (EEC) team, take their guidance from the regional chair. This individual is also known as the president of the EEC.  To a certain extent there is no immediate pressure to deliver very much. The annual European conference is probably the biggest mandatory activity requiring attention.  Much of the effort for this event does fall to the hosting chapter. But there is still much to do centrally.  Developing webpages with all the necessary content, agreeing the agenda for the conference, confirming process for registration and money transfers, together with the event communications requires central leadership.

What I have noticed is that without a social entrepreneur driving things, it is all too easy for any region to aspire to achieving the bear minimum. The EEC must ensure that our accounts are in order, minutes from our meetings are circulated, our youth program is supported and that our communication channels show a sign-of-life.  To this end it is difficult to do the minimum because the chapters are in constant need of information. There is also some effort required in meeting World headquarters reporting needs.

It is down to us in the EEC to ensure that the European website is accurate and complete. The chapters require us to publish their news, both on our website and social media. Our weekly European newsletter must provide our chapters with a summary of what is taking place within the region. The newsletter is also the way in which we share information with our chapter presidents, and our nonmembers that may not know much about our projects and activities. We provide a process of continuous improvement, so that we are always learning. Feedback about our communications has been positive for the past three years.

Fund development is another aspect of our responsibility within the EEC.  This is a complex area because no one wants to give money away.  And yet everyone is happy to help in the delivery of great projects, that improve quality-of-life for as many people as possible. At People to People International we have always believed in replacing cultural barriers with cultural understanding.  We have also always been active in many communities through our humanitarian outreach.  We do need to improve transparency in everything that we do, so that potential donors will be more comfortable in supporting our projects.

The regional chair is instrumental in keeping the region on track.  That individual is also responsible for our legal representation in Belgium. There is never a dull moment in any day of the life of the regional chair.  Each day brings with it new challenges, new joys and an opportunity to add value to our people operations at PTPI Europe.

The road ahead requires a lot of collaboration, dialogue and negotiation.  The world is changing faster than any of us could ever have imagined. The issues posed by the migration of people no matter the reason, the constant speed at which technology is moving, and the demands placed on us via our 24-hour society will certainly keep us on our toes. Staying relevant to as many people as possible during these turbulent times, is by far the main thing that I must deal with as regional chair. Unless we remain relevant where ever we operate people will feel no need to pay for membership.  As chapters and members form the backbone of our organisation, it is important to ensure that we focus on what is important to them.

As a voluntary position the role of regional chair is quite challenging.  You can easily fill your whole week with projects and activities that would benefit many communities. So, you find you must balance the time that you have, with the other activities that occupy your life, such as family and probably work. Being a self-starter and entrepreneur, provides me with the understanding of the energy and motivation needed to be successful as an NGO. I’m looking forward to providing the opportunity for the younger PTPI members to take the leadership role.  It is important that we allow all kinds of minds, a wide range of skills and age groups to contribute to our NGO.

Chalks Corriette, PTPI Europe – EMIT sprl

Chalks –  is a social entrepreneur, European president of PTPI Europe and the managing director of EMIT (extraordinary moments in time).  His time is spent assisting businesses and communities to find common ground to work together. His collaborative and creative skills have proven an asset in making things happen. Chalks is particularly strong in marketing and communications, people operational matters and logistics.