Travel and Homestay with PTPI Denmark

Even though ”home is best” is it nice to visit other people, to see how and where they live. And our Danish chapter does this, lots! For the first time, PTPI Denmark travelled to South America. Thea Lauridsen travelled with 12 Danish adults to Peru and Bolivia, for almost three weeks. A fantastic colorful trip along Inca paths, Titicaca Lake, islands and small villages. They also enjoyed a homestay, of course.

It was such a great trip, Thea is organizing another trip in July 2017 – and has already started to collect people to join her. At the beginning of May 2016, Anna Marie Bohsen visited the amazing Albania with a group of 12 Danish adults. A great experience and absolutely recommendable – do visit Albania. A beautiful country, fantastic history and very hospitable people. Best of all; we experienced four nights of homestay in; Tirana and Progradec. The group really “closed down” many prejudices by staying with local families, and enjoyed interesting and informative talks with them. Almost at the same time Gunild Bogdahn went crossing five US states; Virginia, Maryland, Arizona, Nevada, Utah. And of course she visited the World’s most famous capitol, Washington, DC. Oh, did we mention that she experienced a homestay?