There’s something truly enchanting that happens when people from the PTPI network come together. Friendships are strengthened, cultures are experienced, local dances are learned, and food and drink are shared as generations blend into one. It’s a magical experience that encapsulates the essence of PTPI, where people and passion are always in fashion. We’ve always believed in breaking down cultural barriers and fostering cultural understanding.

With PTPI, you’ll gain access to new perspectives, expand your horizons, and connect with the people who shape the communities you visit. Our immersive and unique travel experiences go beyond mere tourism – they allow you to forge meaningful connections with real people and authentic cultures. It’s an opportunity to truly experience the world in a profound and enriching way.

PTPI World HQ has liquidated the Student Travel Program as of March 2022. Our newly established Global Coordination Centre (GCC) are now working on a new offering which will be available by Q1, 2024.

Our global network of chapters, will collaborate with a travel partner for youth and adult travel opportunities.

Currently we have Homestay options with Switzerland and Japan.

If you do not find what you are looking for, please do contact us.

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