Empowering the Largest Generation of Young People in History

We are witnessing the largest generation of young people in history, with over 1 billion individuals under the age of 25 globally. This generation is not just significant in numbers; they are pivotal in shaping our present and future. As they step into adulthood and begin to form families, their needs grow, yet they often find themselves overlooked by governments and businesses.

Youth: Visionaries of a Barrier-Free World – Young people possess a profound sense of idealism and a vision for a world that shines with possibility. They dream of a world united, free from the constraints of outdated policies and regulations. While the journey towards this unified world is long, we at PTPI are committed to offering brilliant experiences that nurture their potential and empower them to be architects of change.

Championing Gender Equality and Global Unity – The youth’s aspiration for a life without barriers is fueling movements like gender equality. However, their voices need amplification in policy-making arenas, where their perspectives can drive meaningful change. Young people aren’t just beneficiaries of policies; they are essential contributors, capable of collaborating with governments and organizations to address issues that impact their lives directly.

Creating Pathways for Youth Empowerment – At PTPI, we believe in supporting young people through experiences that are enriching, accessible, and engaging. These opportunities are platforms for youth to realize their potential, empowering them to be the change-makers of our world.

The Youth: Architects of Tomorrow – The youth are not just our future; they are our present. They hold the keys to reshaping our world into a place that mirrors their ideals and aspirations for a brilliant future. It’s time we listen to their voices, harness their energy, and collaborate to build a world that truly reflects the vibrancy and potential of this remarkable generation.


Transform Lives with a Donation to our Youth Development Fund

At PTPI, we believe in creating life-changing opportunities for young people within our network. Your generous donations make this a reality. By contributing to our “Youth Development Fund,” you open doors for young individuals to attend our annual Conference.

This fund is dedicated to offering scholarships to students, enabling them to participate in an enriching experience that might otherwise be beyond their reach. These scholarships cover the participation fee, provide homestay or hostel accommodation, and contribute towards international travel expenses.

Your support is not just a donation; it’s an investment in the future leaders of our world. Help us offer these transformative opportunities to the youth, empowering them to grow, learn, and connect at our conferences. Together, we do make a significant difference in their lives and in the future they will help shape.

Our address as it appears on the bank account:
People To People International AISBL
Drève du Prieuré 19, Auderghem, Bruxelles 1160, Belgium

Bank: ING – Mechelsesteenweg 151, 1970, Wezembeek-Oppem, Belgium
IBAN: BE24 3631 0760 1938
International NGO registration number: BE0412.527.835 (if you should need it – will change January 2024)

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