Lilongwe, Malawi

Nelson Zakeyu
Adult Advisor
Lilongwe Malawi PTPI Student Chapter
WhatsApp: +265999930740

Lilongwe (UK: /lɪˈlɒŋweɪ/, US: /-wi, lɪˈlɔːŋweɪ/, Chewa: [ɽiˈɽoᵑɡʷe]) is the capital and most populated city of the African country of Malawi.[3] It has a population of 989,318 as of the 2018 Census, up from a population of 674,448 in 2008.[4] In 2020 that figure was 1,122,000.[5] The city is located in the central region of Malawi, in the district of the same name, near the borders with Mozambique and Zambia, and it is an important economic and transportation hub for central Malawi.[6] It is named after the Lilongwe River.

Here are three great things to do in Lilongwe, Malawi:
-Visit the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, which is home to rescued animals such as lions, monkeys, and crocodiles. You can take a guided tour or even volunteer to help care for the animals.
– Explore the Parliament Building, which is an impressive structure that houses the National Assembly of Malawi. You can take a guided tour to learn about the country’s political history and see the beautiful architecture.
– Experience the local culture by visiting Kumbali Cultural Village, where you can learn about traditional Malawian customs and crafts. You can also enjoy a meal of local cuisine and watch traditional dance performances.

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