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Celebrating Our Donors: The Pillars of Our Mission

At PTPI, our donors are much more than contributors; they are the vital pillars supporting our mission. As a self-funded organization, we deeply value and rely on the generosity of our donor community. The path we tread is challenging, yet filled with opportunities, and your continued support is crucial in navigating it.

At the core of PTPI is a commitment to people – to connect, empower, and create positive change. Every donation, no matter its size, plays a significant role in this mission. Each gift is a testament to the belief in our cause and the impact we can make together.

We are immensely grateful and proud to acknowledge the individuals and organizations whose charitable contributions have sustained us over the past year(s). Your support ensures that PTPI remains a dynamic and effective force, enriching communities and fostering understanding across the globe.

Daniel and Miryum Schaubacher
Setsuko Lloyd
Chalks and Michiko Corriette
PTPI Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Milan, Belgium, US and our Members
Families and staff at ACE of Brussels
European Institutions
PTPI Europe Members (At-large and local)
The Staging post (music events team)
Imagination Club
Michael and Mary Hermida
Friends on Facebook
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