Art-installation: Unity of PTPI chapters – Plovdiv Bulgaria

During the European conference this past September, the participants were invited to join an activity, which was both artistic and a summary of individuals beliefs.

“The Art-Installation is a project which we ourselves will create while getting to know each other, bonding, and making unforgettable memories. Starting with everybody else in the center of the circle of societies, you will “walk” your path across the circle, around the “communities” that you feel a part of. After that you will return where you have begun. With this piece of art, we target to convey the message that although we, people may choose to take on different paths in our lives, our trace follows us creating a web of support, love and understanding. Because as diverse as we can be, we are also thrillingly similar and no matter where we go, the starting and final point of our journeys will always collide”.