Changes to the EEC from Q4 2018

Many Congratulations to our new European president. Kaloyan Stoyanov from the Dolphins – Varna Bulgaria. He brings the voice of the Youth to our community. He will also represent the European voice as the Regional Chair on the PTPI world stage.

Elected on Saturday 8 September and will serve for two years:

European Executive Committee (EEC) 2018-2019

President (Regional Chair) – Kaloyan Stoyanov (Varna, Bulgaria)
Secretary – Sona Grigoryan (Yerevan University Chapter, Armenia)
Treasurer – Thea Lauridsen, (Denmark)
Youth Coordination Officer – Angel Dimitrievski (Skopje, Macedonia)
Auditor – Hannelore Büchler (Berlin, Germany)
Communications – Chalks Corriette (Brussels, Belgium)

There are often projects and activities that would benefit from additional support. For example, any Mail-chimp experts out there?
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