In memory of Len Tharney

In memory of Len Tharney, the Greater Trenton PTPI Chapter (US) is making a donation in Len’s name to support a PTPI Youth Engagement Initiative. Len was the President of the Greater Trenton Chapter for more than a decade where he did a wonderful job recruiting members to the Chapter and promoting our peace through understanding mission. Through his efforts, many students were given scholarships to assist them in travelling as PTPI Student Ambassadors. Len was also a mentor for many years of the Princeton Student Chapter where he worked alongside the students to assist in their many humanitarian efforts. Len also served as a valued PTPI Trustee and could be found at many of the PTPI regional and international conferences, always willing to lend a hand as needed. Len received the PTPI Outstanding Leadership Award at the conference in Seoul in 2005. The following thoughts below on Len from Ernst Honegger of Bern, Switzerland capture his personality: 

Len Tharney was the embodiment of a great gentleman “out of the Queens Guard”. He was so perfect and positive in posture, manners, behaviour, language, knowledge, wit and aura, an unbelievable pleasure to be and to interact with him! He was so very international with lots of cultural competencies and he had an excellent personal approach making everybody at ease and comfortable with him right away. He was a fan of the PTPI European family and he attended many European Conferences and other PTPI events where we spent some marvellous times together.

This donation is to be used to bring our PTPI youth together to interact with each other, to understand and appreciate different cultures, and to work together to make our world a better place. Some of the funds will be used to provide scholarships to our youth to assist them in attending PTPI conferences, like the Plovdiv Youth Development Conference Fund. Other funds can be used to support programs that bring our youth together for an understanding of global issues; to promote international cooperation of our youth on humanitarian efforts, or to provide added value services to members of our student and university chapters.    

We are putting a small group in place to oversee our scholarship procedure, process and applications. 

Should you have any questions, please do contact us