Message from Angel – Skopje, North Macedonia

Angel said – 5 days full of intensive energy exchange – EU Conference 21 to 24 June, 2022.

I worked on the concept for this conference for almost 3 years and these past 4 months culminated with a lot of work.

There would not have been such conference without the help of my dear Sanja Mihajlov , Simona Mladenovska Selmin Nesimoski Hristina Jovcevska Ilarija Dimulkova Elena Danova and Aleksandar Micev Aleksandar Micev .You deserve a gold medal for dealing with a super stressed person like me. 😂

This experience would not be the same had I not opened my home for a Homestay with my soulmates Antoaneta Pophlebarova and Zoran Zlatkovic. We launched a healing center in my living room, laughed, shared and danced.

10 years ago I became member of People to People International. What an interesting coincidence to celebrate my 10th anniversary of being a PTPI member.
The members of PTPI are the hope that we so desperately need as collectives and in the world.