Refugee camp in Tanzania with Elias Msoshi

Elias Msoshi, who grew up in a refugee camp in Tanzania, witnessed the vulnerability of young girls and children who often became victims of exploitation and were left invisible.

In Tanzania’s refugee camps across the Kigoma region, young women have fled the ongoing civil war, abandoning their homes, livelihoods, and safety. The main cause of their desperation is poverty, which makes them susceptible to risky behavior, leading to the end of their aspirations. To make ends meet, many girls turn to the sex trade, which results in a surge of at-risk babies, numerous diseases, including HIV, shorter lifespans, and the non-completion of basic education. The impact of this problem not only affects their families but also slows down the region’s overall development, causing a burden on the local government.

In 2014, Elias Msoshi took matters into his own hands and started mobilizing fellow refugees through talks and training sessions to contribute towards a no-interest small loan. As a result, the Resilience Trust Fund, a credit union aimed at achieving a ‘poverty-free camp for all’ was established.