Stay on a steady path

Dear PTPI members,

As we continue to navigate the current state of the world, I want to take a moment to encourage all of you to stay on a steady path towards delivering our mission. We are an organization that unites individuals from diverse cultures to explore global issues, serve their communities, and become effective leaders in creating a more harmonious world.

Our work is more important now than ever before. I want to encourage you to continue to make an impact in your communities and around the world. Remember the relationships that have grown from your cross-cultural experiences and the impact that your local chapter has made on your community. Let’s continue to work together towards our mission.

As a member of PTPI, you are part of a global network of individuals who are dedicated to our mission. We have many members around the globe who are working towards creating a more harmonious world.

Let’s continue to support each other and work towards our goals.

Thank you for your dedication to PTPI and our mission.

Best regards,
Chalks Corriette
Director-General, People to People International (PTPI)