Update Youth Chapter, Roman Romania

PTPI Youth Chapter, Roman, Romania:
We’ve all heard of the famous Monopoly game, where you’re either the king of the game or you owe money to the bank. Our association gives you the chance to turn the game into reality through the project Monopoly In Real Life! 🤩

Guided by a map of the city you will be able to buy properties (if you have enough Honey Money left), and if the property is bought you will have to pay rent.😉 The start checkpoint will be at Roman Value Centre, and although sometimes the game never ends, it will take 5 hours. When time is up, those with the most earnings will win a cash prize!

If we made you a little curious, come alone or in a group of maximum 3 friends, on April 30th, at 14:00, at Roman Value Centre, to start the fun!

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You think you can be a millionaire? Prove it! 💸
Entry price: 15 lei
#ptpiroman #bees