10 June. All Swiss Meeting – Zurich, Switzerland

PTPI Zurich, look forward to welcoming you to our 2017, Annual all Swiss Meeting

Dear People to People International Friends
We are inviting you to the All Swiss Chapter Meeting 2017
In the Nature Reserve Silberweide – Uster
To enjoy a beautiful day together and have a unique view of the fascinating world of plants and animals of the
Greifensee area, Zürich.

❖ We’ll meet at 09:30 at the “Meeting point” (big clock) in Zürich main station
❖ We’ll take the S-Bahn to Uster and afterwards the bus to Greifensee
❖ A short walk will take us to the Nature Reserve Silberweide, where we will have a guided tour through the beautiful landscape
with wonderful animals and plants
❖ We’ll have lunch at the bistro. The idyllic picnic place invites everyone to rest a
❖ After regaining power, we’ll take a walk along the Greifensee to Maur, where we
can enjoy an afternoon tea or coffee at the great Schifflände Restaurant
❖ Afterwards the boat will take us over the lake, from where the bus and train will
take us back to Zürich main station.

❖ Zürich Chapter will cover the costs of the guided tour, and the afternoon coffee
❖ Lunch and drinks in Silberweide, as well as travel costs will be paid by each individual

❖ If you don’t have a GA, buy a “9-o’clock” pass, that is also valid as a daily pass in
the entire Zürich transportation network
❖ Please let us know if we should take care of getting a “9 o’clock” pass for you or
if you have a Halbtax abonnement

Interlaken Ost dep 07:29
Spiez arr 07:50
Spiez dep 07:54
Bern arr 08:23
Bern dep 08:32
Zürich HB arr 09:28
Zürich HB dep 09:55 S5
Zürich HB dep 17:02
Bern arr 17:58
Bern dep 18:04
Interlaken Ost arr 18:57

You can register via Doodle
or e-mail before 1 June 2017.
❖ Please let us know as early as possible if you would like to join
Looking forward to seeing you at the
Zürich main station on the 10 June!

Best regards
Oana Spatarescu for
Zürich’s PTPI Board